//Why Nigeria must decisively end rape menace

Why Nigeria must decisively end rape menace

Rape is dishonorable, immoral and sinful to humans and must be outrightly condemned by all. Every man or woman in this country called Nigeria that has a wife, a sister, a niece, or a daughter must understand that rape is a crime to the existence of human and must be kicked out of this nation now.

It is dishonorable because it takes away the pride of the victim that has been raped and her skin engraved in a deep wound that may take years to heal.

It is immoral because society frowns at it as it goes against the general acceptable way and manner of conduct in any given society. It is also sinful because it goes against the dictates of the creator and amount to stealing from the other person, the victim.

The month of May and June 2020 witnessed a deluge of rape in Nigeria like it has never witnessed before. Barakat Bello was raped and killed in her home; Vera Uwa Omozuwa was killed in her church in Benin City, southern Nigeria and a 12-year-old girl was raped by 11 men in Jigawa, northern Nigeria.

Rape at various times has terminated the dreams and life of some innocent girls. The story of Shirley is one that comes to mind. Shirley had a dream of becoming a broadcaster and had worked very hard in improving her writing and reading skills.

However, she was raped at the time she was preparing for the University entrance examination. The trauma and pain were so unbearable, so she couldn’t sit for the examination and unable to get into the university to pursue her dream course.

Permit me to remind you that, there are many girls like Shirley today who have witnessed such deprived dreams because of the actions of a rapist.

Permit me to inform you all that there are some girls somewhere whose dream may be aborted tomorrow due to no fault of theirs if you and I fail to take a drastic stand today and kick against this horrible menace.

We have heard the government of Nigeria speak against it but with no pragmatic line of action. We have seen the hand of the law taking a long but slow road to this issue.