//Qatar’s deputy spy chief pays secret visit to Yasin

Qatar’s deputy spy chief pays secret visit to Yasin

Reliable sources have instructed Somaliaffairs that the deputy director of Qatar’s intelligence agency, Abdallah Mohamed Mubarak Salah al-Khalifi, arrived in Mogadishu the day prior to this (29 September).

The highly-trained Somali Gaashaan (Shield) Force took cost of his security. Al-Khalifi, who spent closing night with his apprentice, Fahad Yasin, pursuits in his trip to make the Somali brain employer an extension of its Qatari counterpart.

The deputy top minister of Qatar, who is also the overseas minister, visited Somalia closing month and forced President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo to appoint Fahad Yasin as the director of the brain agency, in order to ease the execution of Qatar’s agenda in Somalia.

Qatar has deep impact with Somali safety and talent agencies.

The latest trends come after the New York Times newspaper these days exposed cooperation between the Qatari authorities and Somalia’s Al-Shabaab.

Somali talent specialists agree with that Qatar has taken direct control of the Somali country wide Genius organisation after successfully inserting Fahad Yasin at its helm.