//Botswana coronavirus: president enters fourth quarantine

Botswana coronavirus: president enters fourth quarantine

Botswana remains one of Africa’s least impacted countries, one of a handful with less than 100 cases of COVID-19. Government has in the past month taken drastic measures including a strict lockdown.

President Eric Masisi tested negative for the third time on June 1. The wholes parliament was quarantined at a point when a health worker tested positive there.

As part of containment measures, wearing of home-made masks have been made obligatory in public. Data collection has also been a key plank of the response as part of contact tracing efforts.

Some schools have reopened along with the trend across parts of Africa. Strict health protocols are to be observed as kids return for lessons. This article concentrates on major updates from the country in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

President Masisi is in quarantine following the discovery of a positive case on one of the officers “closely serving” him. It will be the fourth time the president is quarantining.

A statement from his office confirming the incident read in part: “The Office of the President regrets to inform that due to the discovery of a positive Covid-19 test result last night on one of the officials closely serving His Excellency the President Dr Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi, the usual Covid-19 precautionary protocols have been activated, resulting in the immediate self-quarantine of His Excellency the President and some of his inner circle of officials.

“Contact Tracing is continuing and further updates will be made in the course of time,” it added.

Total confirmed cases = 227

Total recoveries = 28

Total deaths = 1

Active cases = 198