//Health: Moroccan Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Tangier

Health: Moroccan Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Tangier

Cases are Spiking One thousand four hundred and ninety-nine (1,499)- the number of confirmed coronavirus cases within the last 24 hours in Morocco, announced Wednesday by the Ministry of Health.

The death toll rose to 556, with 23 recorded additions over the last day. Moroccan officials reimposed lock-down and travel restrictions in Tangier Wednesday after this recent climb in confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Adopting a strict approach to the enforcement of these sanitary regulations. Abdessamad Lamrabet, Regional Secretary of the National Health Federation in Tangier, expressed some concern about the strictness of the Covid-19 prevention enforcement, “It is not normal to see the military reinforcements and to have police present in the city of Tangier and in particular to see armoured vehicles and police dispatchers at the entrance to our neighbourhoods, but Tangier is a lively and dynamic city.”

The Cases

As of Friday, August 7, 29,644 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Morocco with 449 associated fatalities.

These new figures now in the tens of thousands since the first case in the country was reported back in March. Infections may be on the rise but the recovery rate is still at an optimistic 70% as communicated by Mouad Mrabet, the coordinator of the National Center for Public Health Emergency Operations at the Ministry of Health.

The spread of the virus is expected to occur on an international level in the upcoming months.