//Politics: Conde and Diallo squares off in Guinea Elections

Politics: Conde and Diallo squares off in Guinea Elections

As Guinea elections approaches, one of the most notable and formidable opposition for Alpha Conde is Cellou Dalein Diallo, a long time foe for the President who has used 10 years in office.

Cellou Dalein Diallo is also former opposition chief who was as soon as once sentenced to dying by means of a ruler he crticized, critics say Alpha Conde is himself drifting into authoritarianism via plotting to prolong his grip on power.

In March, he pushed through a revamped charter that he said would modernise the country, however which opponents forged as a ploy to stay in office past the two-term presidential limit. “I fought for forty five years, I was once an opposition leader,” Conde, who is recognised for prickly outbursts, informed French broadcasters this month.

“My opponents are civil servants who grew to be prime ministers after tearing the nation to the ground. It’s super that I am regarded an undemocratic dictator.” Conde is going through his longtime foe, the soft-spoken Cellou Dalein Diallo on October 18.

Diallo is now the West African state’s principal opposition leader, however he cut his tooth below authoritarian leader Lansana Conte, sooner or later rising to turn out to be prime minister.

The 68-year-old used to be at the forefront of protests against a Conde 1/3 term, which protection forces cracked down on, leaving dozens of human beings dead. Significantly, Diallo and Conde hail from unique ethnic groups.

Politics in the terrible but resource-rich state of 13 million humans are basically drawn along ethnic lines.

It’s left to be seen who will come out victorious in the forthcoming elections in Guinea.