Saïd Bouteflika Exonerated By Military Court In Algeria

A military court in Algeria has acquitted prominent politician, Saïd Bouteflika and three others. They were accused of conspiracy against the army and the country at large.

Bouteflika and his three co-respondents had been condemned to 15 years in jail.

Following this unexpected decision, Saïd Bouteflika will be moved to another jail forthcoming preliminary in different cases identifying with defilement during his sibling’s long term rule, as indicated by a legal source.

Bouteflika was held in a military jail. Alongside Bouteflika, General Mohamed Mediène, Athmane Tartag, and extremist Louisa Hanoune, sentenced for this situation, were vindicated on allure by the military court of Blida, as indicated by their safeguard legal counselor, Khaled Berghel.