500 Schools in UK to Be Supplied With Made-in Ghana Science Set

Ghanaian startup, Dext Technology Limited, is to supply 500 schools in the United Kingdom educational resource packs including its widely acclaimed Science Set that will be used to help build students creative capacity and introduce problem-solving as well as innovation.

According to a release by the company, the project is a collaboration between the Ghanaian start-up and the Royal Academy of Engineering with support from Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund and Global Challenges Research Fund.

The project will use finalists in the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation to illustrate how engineering is used to solve problems.

The beneficial projects to be used include Smart Havens Africa by Anne Rweyora, Majik Water by Beth Koigi, SolarKoodo by Safiatou Nana, The Vertical Farm by Paul Matovu, Elo-Cart by Kenneth Guantai and Muzikol by Nges Njungle.

The goal of the project is to show teachers what resources are available that can inspire young students to take on engineering and create a solution for the world’s problems.

“After a series of discussions and assessment of what Dext Technology had to offer, we were contracted to supply our international award-winning science sets along with extra resources that can be used to teach fundamental 21st-century skills in 500 schools across the UK.