a passenger plane crashes into lake victoria in tanzania

A passenger plane crashes into Lake Victoria in Tanzania

Last updated on November 8th, 2022 at 12:26 pm

On Sunday, a passenger plane carrying 43 people lost control and crashed into Tanzania’s Lake Victoria as it was approaching the town of Bukoba in the country’s northwest region.

The weather is being highlighted as the cause of the accident. On the journey from the country’s economic center, Dar-es Salaam, to the town of Bukoba, which is located on the beaches of Africa’s largest lake and the source of the Nile, there were a total of 43 persons on board, including 39 passengers, the two pilots, and two crew members.

Using ropes and cranes, those tasked with saving lives spent the afternoon of Sunday searching for survivors and attempting to pull the submerged aircraft from the water. It is true that there was an accident in the Kagera province, but everything is under control at this time as all rescue teams and safety equipment have been deployed to help out. “We have managed to save quite a number of people, and we will give a brief statement after we finish with our rescue efforts,” said the Commander of the Police in the Kagera province.

Precision Air is Tanzania’s largest private airline and is partly owned by Kenya Airways. It conducts flights to popular tourist locations such as the Serengeti National Park and the Zanzibar Archipelago. The ATR 42 plane, which was developed in France and Italy, was flown by Precision Air.

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William Mwampaghale stated the following explanation: “When the airplane reached around 100 meters in the middle of the air, it encountered problems and terrible weather.” “It was pouring when the plane went down in the ocean.” Everything is under control. The army’s director of rescue operations and firefighters from the province of Kagera are on the site. “They are well prepared to cope with rescues and safety.” At the moment, rescue operations are taking place to try to get the plane back.

At this time, at least 26 people have been recovered and transported to a hospital. Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan has sent her condolences to those who were hurt by the accident and asked people to stay calm while rescue efforts continue.

Five years prior, on Sunday, there was an accident in northern Tanzania that resulted in the deaths of eleven passengers who were on a plane that belonged to a safari company.