Africa land conference ends with call to uproot corruption

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:11 pm

The 2019 Conference on Land Policy in Africa ended in Abidjan over the weekend with academic institutions pledging to work with traditional leaders to initiate solutions to land governance challenges on the continent in an effort to root out corruption from the land sector.ECA in a statement on Saturday said stakeholders attending the five-day conference made various calls at the end of the meeting but perhaps the most profound one was by the continent’s traditional leaders who made a commitment to review cultural practices and beliefs that have long denied women access to land.
“Culture is dynamic and changes. We commit to gender and to use inclusive decision making processes,” said royal Drani Stephen Izakare of Uganda, adding there was an urgent need for Africa’s judicial systems to formalize the role of traditional leaders in land management and dispute resolution mechanisms.
The traditional leaders also committed to fighting corruption within the ranks of their traditional institutions; and called for the creation of more synergies and closer collaboration with government and land administration institutions to ensure land administration services do not provide opportunities for corruption
They agreed that land administration institutions on the continent should be strengthened to improve competencies.
Participants called on governments to put in place policies were none exist, and to review existing ones so they can be in tandem with experiences on the ground and current realities.
Governments were also called upon to ensure that policies and laws take into account the interests of the youth and women and other marginalized groups; encourage climate-friendly and sustainable land use, and to put in place mechanisms for the management of cross-border resources.