Africa Union Condemns Extension Of Farmajo Governmentondemns Extension Of Farmajo Government

Africa Union Condemns Extension Of Farmajo Government

The African Union “Peace and Security unit” has condemned the decision of the Somali Parliament on April 12, 2021 to extend the term of the president and parliament by two years. They described an extension that could lead to political turmoil and a derailment of democracy.

A statement from the Assembly said the decision would delay Somalia’s elections and undermine the unity and stability of Somalia, as well as the essential democratic and constitutional process.

The Council also expressed concern over the potential impact of the political situation in Somalia on the federal system, the unity of the army and security agencies and the continuation of the fight against al-Shabaab.

The council statement also said it believed the September 17, 2021 agreement was the basis and the best way to conduct timely, transparent and credible elections.

He called on the Somali leaders to give priority to national interests, and immediately resume talks based looga the September 17 agreement, and the recommendations of the technical committee met in Baidoa in February.

The council called on AMISOM to monitor the movement of Somali forces. It also called on the chairman of the African Union Commission to immediately appoint an envoy to Somalia to work with the Somali parties and political stakeholders to reach an agreement. , and report back to the Assembly within four weeks.

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Meanwhile, UN Security Council members said in a statement that they were deeply concerned about the political stalemate and disagreement among Somali leaders over the electoral process. The Council expressed support for the African Union’s decision and called for further talks to reach a lasting solution.

“Members of the Security Council underline that reaching an agreement is essential to the successful conduct of any electoral process. “They noted that the September 17 agreement is the only basis supported by the Somali federal government and all regional governments,” the statement said.