Air France stowaway

Air France probes death of stowaway on Abidjan

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:07 pm

Air France is probing circumstances under which an individual managed to stowaway on a flight between the Ivorian capital Abidjan and the French capital Paris.
The carrier confirmed that the body of the deceased was found in the landing gear compartment of a plane at the Charles de Gaulle international airport in Paris.
“Air France confirms that the lifeless body of a stowaway was found in the landing gear compartment of the aircraft operating flight AF703 from Abidjan to Paris-Charles de Gaulle on 7 January 2020,” Air France said in a statement.
The airline also expressed its “deepest sympathy and compassion at this human tragedy.”
Even though the Airline has not commented on the age of the deceased, the body was that of a child aged around 10, AFP news agency quotes an unnamed source close to the investigation as saying.