angela bassett honored with an oscar for her distinguished career

Angela Bassett Honored with an Oscar for her Distinguished Career

After an impressive career spanning nearly four decades and earning two Oscar nominations, Angela Bassett was recently bestowed with an honorary Oscar. The prestigious award was presented to her at the 14th annual Governors Awards, a gathering of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ board of governors, which is responsible for bestowing the Academy Awards.

In her acceptance speech, Bassett expressed the profound significance of the award, emphasizing that it symbolizes her enduring legacy and contributions to the world of cinema. She passionately shared how the trophy represents the dedication she has poured into her craft, encompassing her mind, body, and soul, particularly as a black actress.

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Throughout her speech, the 65-year-old actress took poignant moments to pay tribute to other black actresses whom she deeply admires for their talent and sacrifices. She proudly acknowledged the collective strength and resilience of women who refuse to be silenced or defeated, emphasizing that her honor is shared with those she has had the privilege of representing and the everyday women who inspire and empower us all.

Bassett’s remarks extended beyond the ceremony’s walls as she addressed the industry at large. She urged everyone present to recognize the immense responsibility they carry in shaping history and the future. Highlighting the importance of their actions, decisions, and support for one another, she emphasized the need for an enriched, avant-garde, and inclusive industry that positively impacts future generations.

Originally scheduled for November but postponed due to the actors’ strike, the ceremony served as a significant pause in the ongoing awards season campaign. With voting for the 96th edition of the Oscars imminent, the nominations will be announced on January 23, leading up to the grand ceremony on March 10.