angola and spain have strengthened their political and economic connections

Angola and Spain have strengthened their political and economic connections.

Last updated on October 1st, 2021 at 07:20 am

 Angola Angola – Political and economic connections between Angola and Spain are increasing. Joo Lourenço, the president of Angola, paid another visit to Madrid as part of his international trip, which has already taken him to the United States. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez paid a visit to Angola in April, shortly after unveiling an ambitious plan to expand Spain’s influence in Africa.

 King Felipe VI greeted Joo Lourenço at the Zarzuela Palace. “We hope to create a true strategic alliance with your country during this visit. Strengthening friendship and collaboration ties, as well as key economic sectors “Joo Lourenço, the president of Angola, made the announcement.

As described by the Minister for External Relations, Pedro Sánchez, the Spanish government’s commitment and the desire of national enterprises to help with the diversification of the Angolan economy, reducing the country’s reliance on oil.

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 “Strategic alliances are critical because they allow us to not only attract capital, but also the knowledge that helps us diversify our portfolio. Diversification also entails ‘know-how’ for individuals, technicians, and the young people we must train. Therefore, you must be a high-quality employee if we are to achieve the transformation we desire, “Téte António remarked. Angola has emerged as a key African market for Spain’s external expansion. The Focus Africa 2023 strategy would provide institutional support for Spanish enterprises looking to develop in Africa.