Archaeologists discovered 30 ancient sarcophagi in Egypt with perfectly preserved mummies inside. Photos show the biggest coffin find in a century.

Archaeologists in Egypt just unearthed 30 ancient wooden coffins and opened them to reveal perfectly preserved mummies inside.
A dig team stumbled upon the sarcophagi in the Asasif necropolis of the ancient town of Thebes, the Egyptian government announced on Tuesday. Thebes was once the bustling royal capital of ancient Egypt. Digging in the area – around the modern-day city of Luxor – has led to a series of findings since efforts began in December 2017.
The coffins are estimated to be 3,000 years old, far older than most other ancient relics in the area. Still, they were found sealed and intact, featuring vibrant colour inscriptions and well-preserved engravings.
Archaeologists opened the coffins at a ceremony on Saturday to reveal perfectly preserved mummies inside. The intricate engravings indicate that the mummies were once highly respected people, likely priests and children.
Here’s a look inside what Egyptian officials are calling the greatest coffin finding in a century.