ashmusy earns n5m to 65m monthly, how did she get rich

Ashmusy earns N5m to 65m monthly, how did she get rich?

Ashmusy, a Nigerian comedian with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, is reportedly rich. Amarachi Amusi, aka Ashmusy, has revealed that she earns N5m to N65m monthly, which is a good amount of money. How did she get rich?

While featuring on the latest episode of the “Tell Your Story” podcast, hosted by Aloma Isaac Junior, she made the shocking claim. She reportedly became rich because of her YouTube videos and brand endorsement on Instagram.

Ashmusy is considered one of the most successful female skit-makers in Nigeria. Recently, she also said that she would become a billionaire before 30. 

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Ashmusy: A man must spend N5m to N20m on her

She said in an interview with Richard Igwe of Topnotch, “As a young businesswoman, I am working towards fulfilling my dream to become a billionaire before the age of 30.”

Skitmaker Amarachi Amusi also said that she cannot marry a man who earns less than her. She asserted that a man must be willing to spend at least N5m to N20m on her monthly to be with her. 

During the podcast, she said, “With my status, most men I meet, I ask them something like, ‘How much do you earn in a month?’ So that I can compare because I want a man that is bigger than me.”

She also opened up about her views on the relationship status of the rich women. She said that most men are intimidated by financial success and independence. Skitmaker Amarachi Amusi said that financial success had created a barrier in rich women’s love life. 

According to her, a man should take on the responsibility to be a primary provider in a relationship. She went on to say that she would prefer dating men who are wealthier than her. 

She recently gifted a luxurious Lexus SUV to her mother. 

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