BBC Investigation Exposes Nigerian, Ghanaian Academics Sexually Harassing Students For Grades

In a year-long investigation, a BBC Africa Eye investigation, using undercover reporters posing as students, has revealed how female students are blackmailed and sexually harassed by male lecturers in exchange for better grades and mentorship.

The BBC invited PREMIUM TIMES for an exclusive viewing as well as an interview with Kiki Mordi, the lead reporter of the investigative documentary on Sunday.

The award-winning Africa Eye team focused its investigation on two of West Africa’s leading universities – the University of Lagos and the University of Ghana – to expose how the epidemic of sex for grades have left several victims traumatised for years.

The documentary also focuses on how lecherous academics target the most vulnerable female students – those struggling with studies, seeking admission or in search of mentors.

Through the use of secret cameras, the undercover reporters captured the gut-wrenching and cringe-inducing dialogues of four predatory lecturers from both institutions as they attempted to cajole and manipulate the undercover journalists into engaging in sexual acts with them.

Perhaps the most shocking case of the four instances of sexual harassment featured in the documentary was the case of Boniface Igbenegbu, a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lagos, who tried to manipulate an undercover reporter posing as a 17-year-old girl seeking admission into the university.