top 10 best rapper in zambia in 2022

Top 10 Best Rappers In Zambia In 2023

Zambia, a country in Africa, has many famous and rich rappers. They have established their names across Africa and the world. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 best rappers in Zambia in 2022. 

1. Chef 187

Chef 187 is a Zambian hip-hop musician and rapper. He is considered one of the best rappers in Africa. His real name is Kondwani Kaira. His famous songs are sensei, ma years, and tuleya tuleka. He makes a good amount of money through rapping.

2. Macky 2

Macky 2 is a famous Zambian rapper. He is also considered one of the richest rappers on the African continent. The rapper’s net worth is $945,000. He has won many awards for his rapping talent. He has worked with many local and international stars.

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3. Slapdee

Slapdee is a famous rapper from Zambia. His estimated net worth is around $800,000 as of 2022. He charges around K120,000 for international shows. He has won multiple awards for his songs and music.

4. Roberto Zambia

Roberto Zambia is a famous songwriter, rapper and radio DJ. He also has his own YouTube channel. He makes a good amount of money from his production label- BrathaHood Music. The rapper is a brand ambassador of Caritas Zambia.

5. Pompi

Pompi is one of the best rappers in Zambia in 2022. His real name is Chaka Nyathando. He has won many prestigious awards for his talent. He has been active in the Zambian entertainment industry for more than a decade.

6. Cleo Ice Queen

Cleo Ice Queen is a hip-hop recording artist and a rapper. She is considered the Queen of Zambia’s hip-hop. She is one of the richest women in Zambia, with a net worth of $295,000. Her most famous song is Big Dreams.

7. Bobby East

Bobby East is a popular Zambian rapper and businessman. He owns an Audi and a BMW. The rapper also earns money through his production label- XYZ Entertainment. He has also won awards for his songs.

8. B’Flow

B’Flow is one of the most famous rappers in Zambia. His net worth is estimated to be $300,000 as of December 2022. He is also the first Zambian musician to ever perform at the United States embassy event under Barack Obama’s presidency.

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9. Bomb$hell Grenade

Bomb$hell Grenade is a popular Zambian rapper, singer and actress. She won the AFRIMMA Best Female Rapper in Africa award in 2021. The beautiful rapper was listed as one of the top six rappers in Africa by MTV Base in 2017.

10. Jay Rox

Jay Rox is one of the best and richest rappers in Zambia in 2022. His debut album Outside The Rox was one of the most famous and top-selling albums in the country. He is also a member of the Zambian hip-hop group called Zone Fam.