Boko Haram: Chad withdraws all troops from Nigeria

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:07 pm

Chad has withdrawn its 1,200-strong force who were on months-long mission fighting Boko Haram from Nigeria.
Chadian Army’s spokesman also confirmed on Saturday that none of their personnel remain in Nigeria.
“It’s our troops who went to aid Nigerian soldiers months ago returning home. They have finished their mission,” spokesman Colonel Azem Bermandoa said.
“None of our soldiers remains in Nigeria,” he added, without specifying whether they might be replaced following Friday’s pullout.
“Those who have come back will return to their sector at Lake Chad,” Bermandoa said.
However, Chad’s general chief of staff General Tahir Erda Tahiro said that if countries in the region which have contributed to a multinational anti-jihadist force were in agreement, more troops will likely be sent in.
“If the states around Lake Chad agree on a new mission there will surely be another contingent redeployed on the ground,” Tahiro told AFP.