Botswana to deport 500 Zimbabweans

Zimbabwe must prepare 500 other people who were expelled from Botswana after having encountered difficulties due to the strict blacklisting rules of COVID-19.

After a 28-day blockade of the Government of Botswana and a proposal for a six-month emergency, many Zimbabweans in the country can no longer afford the initial work of supporting them and suffering from the impending famine. Deported to Zimbabwe.

According to the VOA, some people say that the blockchain took effect and now went shopping when he lived in Botswana. Currently, when Zimbabwe flows out of Botswana, the border discharge point is a drain.

They will be tested at Plumtree High School and now function as centers of viral corona. On Tuesday, 87 Zimbabweans were deported. A total of 368 people were deported.