Breaking: The Rate Of Unemployment Amongst Ugandan Youths

The Ugandan youths are desperate for change particularly in the area of Empowerment, most youth in the country are unemployed which make them do illegal stuffs just to survive. The youths has to decide who’ll ultimately lead them either incumbent president Yoweri Museveni or opposition leader Bobi Wine.

25-year-old Namanya Render is a college graduate yet has never been fortunate to find a new line of work.

As missions warmed up, he got one of the pioneers of a drive against police severity and devoted his time exposing void guarantees made by president Museveni throughout the long term

“You can’t be certain he will convey as he says yet we are simply trusting possibly this time Bobi Wine is extraordinary. We are trusting he will be a superior lawmaker, a superior president with work openings, less severity, less debasement, less nepotism… that is the thing that we are expecting.