Zimbabwe government tightens lockdown

Breaking: Zimbabwe tightens lockdown as virus cases spike

Zimbabwe has tightened restrictions in a bid to curtail spread of the coronavirus as cases spike.

On Tuesday, security forces cleared Harare’s city centre as they turned back commuters and motorists.

“They are searching the cars and if you do not have a permit or letter you are not allowed to pass. So it’s now difficult to give a lift to someone who is not in possession of a letter’‘, Tawanda Chinohamba, a cab driver said.

In a statement, the police said only essential services workers are allowed outdoors, while the rest of the population must stay home.

COVID-19 cases spiked from 34 to 203 from early May, with most of the cases being citizens returning from abroad.

Four deaths have been registered. Last month restrictions were eased following a lock-down imposed on March 30, allowing large corporations to open but under strict safety conditions for staff and customers.

Government spokesman, Nick Mangwana said there was nothing unusual about the tightened restrictions.