Buhari’s Jumbled Response To UN Question Sparks Online Furore

A rapidly spreading video which appeared to show President Muhammadu Buhari giving an incoherent reply to a question at a United Nations climate change panel in New York has sparked social media furore.

Mr Buhari joined world leaders at the Climate Action Summit on September 23. The event, which featured Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and other senior UN officials, was amongst the major highlights of the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly that began on September 17.

As the panel discussion got underway, the moderator asked: “President Buhari, Nigeria has a very young population; perhaps you might highlight what a pathway for a resilient future looks like?”

The Nigerian president then began reading his answer from a prepared speech that detailed Nigeria’s entire policy around climate change.

“Your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, I share the sentiment expressed by the secretary-general that the world is on the verge of climate catastrophe. Undeniably, climate change is a human-induced phenomenon.