Cameroon: Over eight houses destroyed in new landslide in West region

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:14 pm

At least eight houses have been destroyed in another landslide that occurred Sunday November 10, 2019 in Njinka, Noun Division of the West region of Cameroon, triggered by heavy downpour, reports have confirmed.
The population of Njinka in the Noun Division of Cameroon’s West region have called on the Government to address the issue of landslide in their region following Sunday’s new occurrence of the disaster.
Reports say following heavy rains Sunday November 10, 2019 in that part of the country, a mudslide occurred in Njinka and destroyed at least ten houses in the process.
No death has been recorded but there have been great material damage as many families have been left completely homeless.
According to reports, the victims of Njinka landslide who have been asked to asked to leave the site are currently taking refuge in houses of neighbours’ and other relatives.
While waiting for a reaction from the government, the victims have been offered 50 hectares of land for relocation.
This incident happens less than a month after a first landslide occurred in another Division of the West region of Cameroon, the Mifi, in Bafoussam, precisely in the Gouatchie neighbourhood and killed 43, injured 11 and destroyed 13 homes.