Cameroon army spearheads fight against COVID-19

Cameroon: Army spearheads fight against Coronavirus – Guemo

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 02:36 pm

Atonfack Guemo, the Defense Ministry’s head of communication, spoke to KnowAfrika, detailing the army’s involvement in the combat towards the modern health crisis.

Guemo said that despite Boko Haram’s assaults in the north and the so-called anglophone crisis, “the link between the navy and the state has been amply valued.”

“As in the past when Cameroon was confronted with a peril, the army and its people were capable to stand collectively — whether or not in a struggle such as the one our u . s . waged mercilessly against the obscurantist Boko Haram sect or throughout mess ups on the country wide territory,” he said.

According to Guemo, this tandem also works towards the COVID-19 and the army brings relief to human beings in difficulty, thru making available army premises and its nursing staff’s expertise, and also by way of supplying “graciously” masks made with the aid of the army to civilians.

Such guide mechanism used to be “set up in the different barracks and services linked to the Defense Ministry as quickly as the first cases of COVID-19 seemed in Cameroon. Disinfection and distancing measures have been taken too. It is nonetheless the case today,” he added.

The country’s army is generally subjected to barrier measures, whilst established instances are taken care of in navy hospitals in the regions and distinctive military health facilities.

Also to deal with the pandemic, the method of the Defense and Security Forces focuses on the protection aspect by way of helping make sure implementation of measures issued by using the government, together with predicament of passenger numbers in automobiles and sporting masks when necessary.

At the equal time, there is also the trouble of communication.

According to figures posted on July 29 via Public Health Minister Manaouda Malachie, Cameroon has 17,255 validated cases, including 15,320 recovered, 387 fatalities, 1,548 active infections, and one hundred fifty five hospitalized — which includes nine on ICUs.

The united states has conducted 149,000 tests.

The therapy rate is 88.78% and lethality charge is recorded as 2.2%, while the severity charge is 0.5%, with the mattress occupancy rate standing at 4.9%.