Cameroon: Committees of Major National Dialogue submit reports today

The eight Commissions of the Major National Dialogue are expected to submit their proposals and recommendations on how to restore peace in Cameroon’s two English speaking regions today to be adopted by Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, chairperson of the National event.
Going by today’s programme at the Major National Dialogue, the restitution of the works of the different Commissions will hold under the chairmanship of the General Coordinator of the event, Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute as from 11am.
Then will follow the adoption of the general report of the Major National Dialogue.
Mean time at the Yaounde Conference Centre where the debates are taking place, Commissions are presently deliberating on their final reports to be presented to Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute.
Speaking to the press yesterday evening, the spokesperson of the Major National Dialogue, Dr George Ewane, disclosed the Commissions had completed their works with some having their resolutions already drafted out.