Cameroon: Monkey pox hits East region, kills one

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:06 pm

The East regional delegate of Public health has sent an alert on the outbreak of monkey pox virus in the East region of Cameroon after the virus reportedly claimed a life in the region Thursday January 9, 2020.
In a release made public Monday January 13, 2020, the East regional delegate of public health sends an alert on the outbreak of monkey pox virus in the region and launches a health watch to prevent the virus from spreading.
“Following the occurrence of cases of monkey pox and a confirmed death in Ayos health centre…the East regional delegate launches a health watch in all health facilities in the East region and particularly in the Districts of Abonbang, Nguelemendouka and Messamena…” Part of the release reads.
The Regional delegate reminds health officials who will be in charge of the health watch that the illness is caused by a virus called monkey pox virus which is transmitted from animals to humans via both direct and indirect contact and from an infected person to another.
He thus calls for vigilance from all to prevent the spread of the virus if other cases should be recorded.