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Candidates’ Union Expresses Concern over Security and Health Situation in the Country

The Union of Candidates has once again issued a statement on the security and health situation in the country. The Union expressed concern over the security situation in the country amid heightened political tensions and the deteriorating security situation in the country. While Mogadishu hosting the talks between interim Federal Government and Regional Administrations.

The statement comes after a mortar attack on the Halane compound, which was scheduled to take place the conference related election disputes. They condemned the attacks on Halane Camp and Lul Yemeni Restaurant bombing and expressed their sorrow over the incidents in Mogadishu.

The statement from the union also spoke about the turmoil that President Farmajo has brought into the country, saying that it has led to insecurity in the country and that this has led to a lack of confidence in Mogadishu.

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The council welcomed the meeting between the regional States and the outgoing government. They hope it will put an end to the conflict between the country’s first illegitimate presidents, Farmajo and the states.

The Council called on the Somali people to be vigilant against the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus, and to be vigilant against the ongoing insecurity crisis in the country as the perpetrators take advantage of the current political turmoil.

Also, the Presidential Candidates welcomed the Conference of the Heads of the Federal Government, Regional Administrations and Benadir Region which is expected to take place this week at the Aficio Tent in Halane Camp.

Finally, candidates pointed out that the meeting is to see an end to political disputes in a meeting to be inclusive of all leaders to attend, discuss the conflict.