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Central African Republic: Over 30,000 Refugees Flee To D.R Congo

There has reportedly been thousands of refugees that has fled the Central African Republic to other neighboring countries particularly the Democratic Republic of Congo. This recent development is due to the recent rebel attack in the country.

They offer clinical screening among others for youngsters who have been brought here.

“Here, given the enormous strategic limitations, it is hard to get philanthropic help into this region. In any case, we are as yet mindful that the necessities of the outcasts we have seen are colossal”, said Muller Masrabeye, Protection Officer of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the D.R. Congo.

Bibi Mbele is leader of the nearby office of the Federation of Congolese Enterprises.

“Beforehand, the populace in Ndu was under 1,500 individuals. In any case, the quantity of exiles here now is multiple times more than the number of inhabitants in Ndu. They are fundamentally prevailing here in Ndu”, Mbele said.