CHAN 2020: Cameroon unveils revise version of Tara as official mascot

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:06 pm

The local organising committee of the 2020 African Nations Championship has unveiled a new version of “Tara”, the much criticised mascot initially proposed by Sports officials as official mascot for the competition.
In a tweet this Wednesday evening, the Cameroon Football Federation unveiled the revised version of Tara, a visibly jovial mascot, more appealing than the previous one.
The new Tara will serve as the official mascot for the 2020 African Nations Championship competition, CHAN that will take place in Cameroon from the 4 th to the 25 th of April.
On the 14 of December 2019, the organising committee of the CHAN 2020 chose and proposed the original Tara as the mascot of the competition.
Following this choice that many considered unartistic, most Cameroonians took to social networks to criticise and insult Tara, describing her as very frightful and not reflecting anything from Cameroon nor from the other nations participating in the competition.
Barely a week after the proposal was made to CAF officials, the Minister of Sports and physical education, Prof Narcisse Mouelle Kombi who doubles as the President of the Organising Committee announced the unveiling of a new mascot.
He disclosed the change of mascot was as a result of the diverse opinions gotten from Cameroonians as well as the recommendations from CAF.