CNN Investigation

CNN’s investigation into Tigrey massacre

A CNN investigation has uncovered a massacre in the Tigrean region where Ethiopian forces and the TPLF fought.  A video shows a group of people being killed. The incident has raised concerns among the international community, which has been monitoring the region’s atrocities during the conflict.

Sen. Chris Coons, a US senate report described the “depth” and the video shot in the Tigray region of Ethiopia

“New reports and footage from Tigray of extrajudicial killings, killings of civilians, racial and gender-based violence, and forced displacement are deeply troubling.”

The CNN investigation has uncovered mass executions of captured Tigrean prisoners. Footage shows about 30 people being rounded up and then killed. They are being executed, and their bodies are being dumped in the mountains. It is a barbaric act that shows that the Tigrean region has been the scene of human rights abuses.

A State Department spokesman told CNN on Friday that officials “are deeply concerned about reported human rights abuses, abuses, and abuses” in the region and noted that there is an urgent need to increase “conduct independent international investigations.”

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is a body appointed by the Ethiopian government and part of a joint US-backed mechanism tasked with investigating alleged abuses in Tigray.

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Ethiopia said on Friday that “the statements and claims that social networking sites cannot be taken as evidence that,” after CNN investigation found that Ethiopian soldiers shot and killed unarmed Tigray region of war-torn areas

The office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told CNN in a statement, “The Ethiopian government has expressed its willingness to conduct independent investigations in the Tigray region.”