Doctors Demonstration On This Week

Doctors who have been on industrial action for weeks now have said that they will have a solidarity march this week as the government is not addressing their grievances.

The doctors are saying that they are now incapacitated to report for duty as their salaries have been eroded by the soaring inflation.

In a statement, the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) said that they want to return to work but they are incapacitated. The statement read:

We would like to make it very clear that as doctors we are not striking but we are incapacitated. The will is there but the means to execute them doesn’t exist.

We remain hopeful that a sustainable solution will be found in the quickest way possible to resolve the impasse. Solidarity march from Parirenyatwa Doctors Bar on Wednesday 02 October 2019.

The situation in public health institutions has worsened over the past few months as patients are left with no one to attend them.

In some instances, personnel from the Zimbabwe National Army were roped in to save the situation.