Don’t Bring Your Food, Drinks To SGR Trains: Kenya Railways

Passengers making the five-hour trip between the capital Nairobi and the seaside city of Mombasa have to either contend with hunger or pay exorbitant prices for the food offered on board trains.

This follows a directive that has barred travellers from bring food and drinks to the trains.

On Wednesday, the Kenya Railways issued a notice prohibiting all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as cooked food from the train, warning passengers that they will be searched and food items confiscated at the checkpoints at the termini and stations.

The notice, which was posted on the corporation’s social media accounts, was met with anger from citizens who claimed it was seeking to profiteer.

One of the key issues raised by Kenyans was that the prices of refreshments served is exorbitant while the food itself is of poor quality or worse, stale.

“Kenya Railways please be client-oriented and not profit-oriented. Have you even tried to find out how long it takes for those trolley people to serve everyone? From Mombasa, I had to wait for them and we were past Mtito (Andei) ndio nikafikiwa (when they reached me). Not forgetting stale and overpriced…. Revisit,” Naomi Kingola lamented.