DRC to spend $6m on anniv. of Kabila-Tshisekedi power transfer

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:09 pm

The Democratic Republic of Congo has earmarked a budget of $6 million to commemorate the first anniversary of President Felix Tshisekedi’s accession to power.
According to the government, it is imperative for the country to celebrate a democratic and peaceful alternation of power. The decision has, however, sparked mixed reactions and opposition backlash.
“This is a comedy and madness,” said former prime minister and leader of the Lamuka opposition party, Adolphe Muzito.
The spokesperson for Moïse Katumbi, Olivier Kamitatu also denounced the move, calling it ‘‘mismanagement of public resources in the face of unending challenges of the country.”
In spite of the criticisms, the event is scheduled for the 24 January in the capital Kinshasa. It coincides with the day former president Joseph Kabila handed over to Tshisekedi.
In a related development, Congolese parliamentarians last Sunday voted an $11.5 billion budget for the year 2020, in a country where most live on less that $ 2 a day.