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Education: Private School Sector Hit Massively By The Coronavirus In Ghana

Privates schools in Ghana has been hit massively and hard by the coronavirus pandemic in the country, this has resulted in the shutting down of hundreds of private schools. Most private schools owners has turned their schools into other leisure facilities.

The Headteacher of ASMAG International School, Ernest Ayaa Tagoe, has not been making some simple memories, “I have four kids, three are in school. For them to go to class I need to counsel a companion to help me a bit.”

Measurements from the Ghanaian instruction administration show that non-public schools make up 49% of training foundations and 33% of all enrolments at the pre-tertiary level in the country.

Be that as it may, they can frequently be difficult to reach to low pay procuring families and the Covid wellbeing emergency has just made things much more monetarily testing.