Eritrea officially virus-free with 100% recoveries, zero deaths

Eritrea has officially declared itself virus-free after all 39 patients successfully recovered from COVID-19. A Ministry of Health statement said the 39th patient had been discharged from hospital as of today.

As of May 8, there were only two active cases, one of which was discharged on the 11th before today’s final recovery and discharge.

Eritrea follows the likes of Mauritania and Mauritius who have recorded full recoveries. Mauritania have since recorded new cases.

Eritrea is also among a handful of African countries that have not recorded deaths as of May 15, others are Madagascar, Central Africa Republic, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Lesotho, Rwanda and Uganda.

Total confirmed cases = 39

Total recoveries = 39

Total deaths = 0

Active cases = 0

One patient has recovered fully after standard tests at the National Laboratory and was released from hospital today.

This result means that all 39 confirmed cases in the country to-date have recovered fully.

But as underlined last week, this important milestone should not induce complacency at this point in time.

Indeed, it is vital that every citizen continue to fully adhere to, and diligently implement, the GOE Guidelines in force until the ongoing task of detailed and comprehensive assessment to gauge the spread of the pandemic in the entire country with full certainty is accomplished.