Ethiopia: Over 80 Murdered In Deadly Attack

Over 80 individuals has been reportedly murdered and massacred in western Ethiopia, there has been multiple inter-ethnic conflict in the country for quite a while, the recent unrest was the Tigray region crisis. The sad incident happened in the western part of the country called Daletti.

Leader Abiy Ahmed has attempted to force request in Metekel or clarify what is driving the brutality, in spite of visiting the territory in December and enabling a garrison to assume responsibility for security there.

There is no known connection between the brutality and military activities in Ethiopia’s northernmost Tigray locale, where Abiy sent in soldiers in November to keep and incapacitate heads of the dissenter provincial decision party.

Tuesday’s assault in Metekel happened somewhere in the range of 5 and 7 am, with casualties going in age from two to 45, Aaron said.

The EHRC, an administration subsidiary yet free body, is “as yet pursuing further insights regarding the culprits” and how the casualties were slaughtered, he said.