Ethiopian breakaway

Ethiopia PM tells tribes looking to break away to exercise patience

On Sunday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed asked ethnic groups pushing to form breakaway regions to be patient and join him in building “a great Ethiopia”.
Abiy made the plea during a visit to leaders of the Kafficho ethnic group, that are seeking to create a new federal state heightening further destabilization in Ethiopia’s diverse southern region.

“You think that there will be many problems in your problems, there are many interrelated and systemic issues that need to be considered.,” said Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopian Prime Minister.

The southern region was rocked by violence two months ago following a similar campaign by the Sidama ethnic group.

“We have historical problems, that’s why it’s so much about being sensational or tribalistic,” Meaza Assefa, local merchant.

Ethiopia’s constitution requires the government to organise a referendum for any ethnic group that wants to form a new entity. At least 11 groups have submitted such bids in the south.