Released fom Jail

Ethiopia releases jailed journalists in Tigrey

According to reports from Ethiopia, international staff and journalists arrested in connection with the Tigrey region have been released. Reports say four journalists recently detained in Ethiopia’s conflict-ridden region of northern Tigray have been released.

Fitsum Berhane and Alula Akalu, interpreters for AFP and the Financial Times respectively, were arrested by the BBC’s Girmay Gebru and Temrat Yemane, a local journalist, over the weekend and released earlier this week. .

GirmayGebru was taken from a cafe in the capital Mekelle on Monday and detained by the military in connection with the Tigrean region’s fierce fighting between Ethiopian federal government forces and the TPLF.

Since the fighting in Tigrey, fierce fighting has broken out between government forces and the TPLF. There have been bitter reports of widespread abuses in the region, arrests of journalists, killings of civilians, and reports of countless rapes in the region. The Ethiopian government says there have been widespread rapes in the region but has denied other allegations from the international community. It is alleged that the Ethiopian military bombed rural areas and killed civilians.

The region, meanwhile, has been banned from covering the region by the international media in view of hidden facts that the world cannot see.

Tigray has been in the middle of fighting since November last year when Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced a military operation against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), accusing it of attacking federal military bases.

The northern state was a black hole for information for most of that time, with severe restrictions and information being cut off from the internet.

Seven international media outlets, including Al Jazeera, have also been given recognition for reporting on the Tigreans, but journalists have been warned that they could face “unspecified corrective action”. “if they do not meet the local standards.