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Ethiopian Women’s Minister Filsan Abdullahi “There is widespread rape in Tigrey Region”

Since the beginning of the fierce fighting in Tigrey region where Ethiopian federal forces have been fighting the pro-TPLF forces in the region, human rights abuses such as killings, robberies and rapes have been reported. A number of women have been raped in Ethiopia’s northern Tigrean region, according to reports. Authorities have confirmed widespread rape in the region since the fighting began. The result comes in the wake of last year’s violent clashes with the ruling local party.

The Ethiopian prime minister is under pressure over abuses in the region. The United Nations rights group says there have been bombings in rural areas that have killed civilians. While the exact outcome of the fighting in the region is still unknown, the widespread rapes in the north reported by the Minister for Women – a matter that has raised questions about the Prime Minister’s grievances – will not be enough for partners to return to the Abiy’s project?

According to the report, some women reported being forced by the military to have sex in exchange for products.

“We have received a report from our Taskforce team in the Tigrean region, unfortunately they have set up a final rape without a doubt,” Ethiopian Women’s Minister FilsanAbdullahi wrote on Twitter on Thursday. The minister’s confession indicates that there has been sexual abuse in the region

While witnesses, doctors and aid workers have spoken out about widespread sexual violence since the fighting began in November, Filsan’s comments were the first confirmation of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government. Ethiopia’s government-appointed human rights commission says 108 rapes have been reported in Tigray.

There are international pressures on Abey Ahmed to respond adequately to abuses in the region during the war.

Kanko, a Belgian member, said two million civilians had been taken from their homes. There is also the burning of farms and it appears that the Ethiopian government is deliberately storing food to starve people. Central and eastern Tigray are on the brink of famine. ” “It has also been reported that sexual violence is a weapon of war in this conflict,” Kanko added.