US and Somalia

Former US ambassador to Somalia Schwartz “Somalia is in political danger”

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:00 am

According to Jowhar news, Former United States Ambassador to Somalia Stephen Schwartz spoke to VOA Somali Service about the political situation in the country. Stephen Schwartz, now retired from the United States, was first asked what he thought of the current situation in Somalia, to which he replied that Somalia was at a critical juncture.

“The situation is dangerous and unfortunate. I don’t think there is a need for this, but if we look at the situation in Somalia over the last four years under Farmajo, there has been a constant culture that shows he does not want to be found. “In the election process, no important steps have been taken to elect one man one vote in the country,” Stephen said.

Stephen said the Somali government was illegitimate and that Farmajo had no contact with regional administration leaders in Somalia other than those he had helped hold office.

Asked how he views the international community’s pressure on the government.

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“In the last two or three months, the Somali government’s response to the international community’s statements has been very harsh. I think they are trying to verbally assert that they cannot be coerced, but they are very careful because the international community relies on foreign aid, debt forgiveness, remittances, and the handling of secret funds from Qatar, as well as military training provided by Turkey. no matter what kind of support they get from Eritrea, the whole international community is helping the Somali government, so it is surprising that you can call yourself that you can avoid all these interests and the pressure from the international community on the importance of what Somalis should vote, ”said the ambassador, praising the two presidents before Farmajo as they handed over power.

Stephen called on the United States to take strong action against Farmajo.

“I don’t think the new US ambassador should go to Somalia now because there is no legal status for the government,” said the former US ambassador to Somalia.

The ambassador said that Somalia’s Director of Intelligence FahadYassin has a higher authority over intelligence.

“The head of NISa is a political commander. It is heard that he is the conduit through which funds are provided by Qatar, but as the head of NISA, he should not get involved in politics,” he said.