//France Returns Stolen Moroccan Art

France Returns Stolen Moroccan Art

France authorities has returned a moroccan art seized by traffickers on Thursday, the art was seized during a custom control which demonstrate the barbaric attitude of looting cultural heritage.

The handover took place in Marseille at the Museum of Mediterranean Cultures.

The objects, which weigh a complete of nearly 3 tons, will only leave for Morocco at the cease of the month.

The controls go returned to 2005 and 2006 in Marseille and Perpignan.

The drivers, all of Moroccan nationality, were driving luxurious cars. “Good human beings in all respects”, because the objects had been “treated, washed,” stated Guy Jean-Baptiste, the regional director of customs in Marseille.

It took 15 years to return them to Morocco. Traffickers have also been fined a whole of 120,000 euros.

The objects seized have been superb now not solely for their volume, but additionally for their typology, some of which had been geological and others of which bore witness to “the history of men who preceded writing,” said Xavier Delestre, Regional Curator of Archaeology at the Drac Paca.