g7 countries urge tunisia to resume constitutional path

G7 Countries Urge Tunisia to Resume Constitutional Path

Last updated on November 22nd, 2021 at 09:56 am

The Group of Seven (the G7) countries, yesterday, urged Tunisian President Kais Saied to select and name a prime minister as soon as possible. This statement – asking Tunisia to return to the constitutional norms in which Parliament has a prominent role – was signed by the ambassadors of Germany, the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, and Canada.

The statement was published on the British Embassy in Tunisia’s official page. The G7 ambassadors underlined the urgent need to elect a new head of government to form a capable administration that will be able to address the immediate health and economic crises that Tunisia is facing. The G7 said that the step would create space for an inclusive dialogue about proposed electoral and constitutional reforms.

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The G7 Ambassadors in Tunisia, in their statement, reaffirmed their commitment to the country and signified respect for all Tunisians’ political, social, civil, and economic rights and to the rule of law. We, the G7, reaffirm our commitment to partnership with Tunisia – which is in the process of developing necessary social, political, and economic structures to respond to the legitimate demands of their citizens to achieve better living standards, in addition to setting a system of governance marked by integrity, effectiveness, and transparency.

On 25 July, the Tunisian President cited Article 80 of the constitution to sack his Prime Minister, Hicham Mechichi, suspend the parliament for 30 days, finish the immunity of ministers, and designate himself as head of the executive authority till the formation of a new government. His step came after protests turned violent in several Tunisian cities reprimanding the government’s handling of the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Demonstrators called for the parliament to be dissolved. However, most of the country’s political parties criticized the move as a “coup against the constitution”. Tunisia is the only country that carried out a democratic transition among the countries that witnessed the Arab Spring.