george wajackoyah spices up kenya election with marijuana and snake venom

George Wajackoyah spices up Kenya election with marijuana and snake venom

George Wajackoyah has become a political sensation by running for the upcoming presidential election in Kenya and promising to turn the country into a major exporter of marijuana, snake venom and hyenas’ testicles. However, people in the East African nation are sceptical about his plans.

The upcoming election is scheduled for August 9. The 63-year-old professor has proved to be the most eccentric of the four presidential candidates contesting the forthcoming election.  Wajackoyah, who has a background in law, is the leader of the Roots Party of Kenya. According to BBC, polls have ranked him a poor third by giving him just 4 per cent of the vote. Polls have also predicted a tight contest, putting veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga on 43 per cent and Deputy President William Ruto on 39 per cent.

George Wajackoyah

Wajackoyah has promised Kenyans to pass laws to regulate the farming and production of marijuana for industrial and medical use in the country if he wins the election. He claimed that Kenya could earn more than nine trillion shillings ($76bn; £64bn) annually by increasing the production of marijuana. He reportedly said, Western countries have legalised marijuana; why shouldn’t we?”

He has also pledged to solve two of Kenya’s biggest problems, unemployment and national debt.

Macharia Gaitho, a leading columnist with Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper, reportedly said, “Wajackoyah is running on an outrageous platform that would ordinarily be laughed out of town.”

George Wajackoyah’s dressing style

Wajackoyah’s dressing style and media appearances make him the alternate candidate who might be worth watching in the forthcoming elections. Unlike other candidates, he tends to wear a tracksuit, T-shirt and headscarf rather than a formal suit.

The most important aspect of his personality is that he often gestures with his fingers as if he is smoking marijuana. He also dances to reggae songs.