Foreign aid pronto

Ghana: President Nana Akufor turns down foreign AID pronto

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 02:48 pm

The Ghanian President Dr. Nana Akufor, has promised to steer his Country out of the foreign aid in any form calling it a pandemic which will never take Africa to any development heights.

“We don’t want Africans to have a scar on anybody’s conscience, we don’t want to be pawns or victims and certainly do not want headline writers to continue competing on lurid adjectives to describe our continent and people” The President said amid pomp and cheers from the crowd.

He continued to say that Africa doesn’t want to be the deficit place to go and get the footage to develop famine stories and for it to be a justification for the rude and abusive leaders to demean the Continent and it’s a high time not to depend on Charity and handouts.

Basing on the information from World Bank, IMF and other international corporations, billions have been given to Africa but they can’t be accounted for or has nothing to show of in terms of development in Africa to alleviate the sufferings or bring the much needed development.

Africa is a rich continent which has everything it needs to develop without any external assistance because the loans have a huge tag to their terms which always doesn’t favor the continent at all the President asserted.

It’s time to start to manage our resources well to generate wealth to our people who are poor and dilapidated conditions.

Tanzania is also a Country that has rejected the aid and terms which were given by the Chinese Multinationals and told them off and told them to renegotiate the terms which must be a fair deal to both the Countries.

The Continent must wake up and shun wars and build stable Countries by electing good leaders who will steer Africa to greater heights which will bring prosperity and Dignity as a prosperous community in the World stage.