Ghana Will Eventually Adopt CSE but It Will Be Culturally Sensitive – Education Minister

The Minister for Education Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh says Ghana will get to a point of adopting the Comprehensive Sexuality Education, CSE, programme for basic schools.

The Minister said even though we are not at the level of adopting it now we will do so in future but it will be culturally sensitive so it does not affect our values.

The Minister on Tuesday, October 1, 2019, stated categorically that the much talked about CSE programme was not included in the 2019 curriculum for basic schools after several criticisms from a section of the public concerning the idea.

Mr Prempeh in an interview with Peace FM today which was played on Joy FM admitted that Ghana in future will adopt the CSE programme but will only pick materials that conform with our culture and values.

“The Director-General of GES said the CSE must be culturally sensitive. if in America a child has been abused because of this CSE being taught, it does not mean the same thing will happen in Ghana. Every country must choose materials that are culturally sensitive and inculcate in their curriculum but Ghana as a nation hasn’t gotten to that point, so even though we will get there, as at now we are not there,” he said.