Ghana Wins Second Gold Medal At African Games

Ghana has won its second gold medal at the ongoing African Games following an impressive performance by the country’s men’s sprint relay team.

Sean Safo-Antwi, Josep Paul Amoah, Martin Owusu-Antwi, and Benjamin Azamati run a time of 38.30s to win gold in the 4 x 100m final.

The quartet finished ahead of Nigeria and South Africa whose athletes completed the race in times of 38.59s, and 38.80s, respectively.

The time run by Ghana’s men’s sprint relay team is just 0.18s shy of the national record of 38.12s.

The national record in the 4 x 100m race was set at the Athens World Championships on 9 August 1997.

Meanwhile, Ghana’s female relay team finished bottom in the 4 x 100m final after dropping the baton.

The country has, however, now won two gold medals at the Africa Games following the earlier success of high jumper, Rose Yeboah.