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Governments and agencies stop subsidizing Somali government

According to Caasimada online media, there are reports that the Somali government has been cutting off funding from organizations and countries that used to pay for the government facilities.

This may be related to the political dispute between regional administration leaders and the central government that has led to the international community interfering in Somali political affairs. The information obtained by Caasimada Online from sources reads as follows:

“Somali government ministers, directors and other officials have confirmed to CaasimadaOnline that the Somali government has been cut off from subsidies from international organizations and governments that support the Somali government’s budget.

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The World Bank, the European Union and other governments, including Saudi Arabia, have suspended aid to Somalia due to the end of the government’s term, political disputes and abuse of power by the Somali government.

The Saudi government previously suspended a $ 10 million aid package to Somalia during the Qatari siege, but revived it when relations between Somalia and Saudi Arabia improved, bringing the total to $ 5 million.

According to our sources, some regional administrations and the opposition have sent letters to all pro-Somali countries, urging them not to encourage dictatorships, repression and the use of their resources for private campaigns as their term ends.

The political crisis in Somalia appears to be having a devastating effect and irreversible economic setbacks, and it is feared that it will intensify unless an immediate solution is found. ”