I Love Attention From Men On Social Media – Ghanaian Artiste, Iona

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:11 pm

Musician Iona has said she likes it when she gets attention from men on social media.

According to her, although girls will not accept the claim, they really love attention.

When she was asked how she handles the attention he gets, she replied “Well I like it. I like it…it’s like I’m getting attention. Girls like attention, they will not tell you the truth but girls love attention.”

She added that she enjoys it because she prefers boyfriends to girlfriends.

“And I’m a more boys person. I don’t have female friends. All the people around me are boys so I like it when they’re like oh you’re very sexy I’m like thank you very much”

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Not only does she like the attention and compliments they come with; she noted that she admires pictures of the penis she gets from the guys.

The musician who is also a midwife described some of the images as beautiful, she encouraged that they keep sending them to her and that there is no way she will come in contact with them so the pictures are appreciated.

“I’ve seen some very nice d**cks oh. I didn’t know that d**cks could be so beautiful. I mean some with all the veins…they were just wonderful I’m telling you” she told Sammy Flex on the Real Talk.