I’ll win the state for PDP and Ondo people —Olafeso

Nigeria: I’ll win the state for PDP and Ondo people —Olafeso

Dr Eddy Olafeso is one of the leading aspirants for the October 10, 2020 governorship election in Ondo State and aims to pick up the ticket of the PDP for the poll. In this interview with KnowAfrika, speaks on his ambition, the PDP primary and the chance of the party in the forthcoming election.

THE governorship primary of the PDP holds next week. How prepared are you?

We are prepared; we have gone round the 18 local government areas to visit our people and our message is clear to the people collegially that we are after progressive ideas, welfare support for the teeming poverty-ridden population of the state and ensuring that we focus our campaign on issues rather than individuals.

We have come a long way; we started this campaign about a year ago. The people know what we stand for. I have been a member of this party for the last 20 years. I have never wavered.

My commitment to the people is total and I will continue to pursue that for the rest of my life. We are more than ready for the July 22 primary election.

There are eight aspirants jostling for the PDP ticket, what stands you out among them?

I have just mentioned it. I am the longest serving party member. I served as the secretary of the party in the state, I was commissioner for information and served as national vice chairman of the party. I understand the plight of our people; I’m committed to it. My heart, my soul is about Ondo State and its development. I served under one of the best leaders in this state, Dr Olusegun Agagu; I’m friend enough with Dr Olusegun Mimiko who took over from him. But we need to do more; we need to begin to harness our resources. I am better served because of my private sector experience to be able to harness the private sector in building an efficient government that can bring about dividends of governance to the ordinary man on the street.

Do you have the financial war chest to go into the governorship election?

There is no financial war chest more than the people. The people that are going to vote for you, the people that you are going to serve are the people that are going to ensure that these resources are made available. If with the coronavirus pandemic, we can pay N21 million for forms, then we can equally risk a couple of billions to make sure that we take the government to the people. The beauty of it is that we have a track record of integrity and honour. A lot of people will invest in you when they know that you are someone who says what he means and means what he says. You too have a role to play; you must begin to engage with the people to ensure that we minimise the role of money in politics. I lived 20 years in America. When people are coming, it is individuals that contribute money to the candidate they believe in not the candidate giving money to those people that are going to vote. But you see, it is a gradual process and I know that we shall get to the El Dorado.