Israeli homebiogas technology to help Cameroon’s drive for clean schools

The Embassy of Israel in Cameroon on Wednesday, October 23 handed over the Homebiogas kit to the Government Bilingual High School, Nkol Eton in Yaounde.
The kit, The kit is a cutting edge technology developed and produced by an Israeli company called Homebiogas. This equipment converts organic waste into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer. It was handed on the campus of GBHS Nkol Eton in a ceremony presided over by the Minister of Secondary Education Prof. Nalova Lyonga who said it falls in line with cooperation ties between Israel and Cameroon.
But most important, the acquisition of the Homebiogas kit falls in line with the vision of the Ministry of Secondary education to promote clean schools and reduce environmental pollution.
A vision shared by the Israeli Ambassador to Cameroon, Ran Gidor who said their wish is to see every school in Cameroon acquire the kit.
“We are very proud to launch this project with the Cameroonian Ministry of Secondary Education…. th
“This system will achieve three goals, firstly; clean school- it will help to keep Cameroonian schools hygienic and clean. Secondly, it will provide cooking gas for Cameroonian schools so that students will be able to have a warm meal for launch and thirdly, it will introduce an educational module into the school curriculum about environment and sustainability,”HE Ran Gidor said.
The founder and the kit, Israeli born Yair Teller said the the technology does not only target only schools given that it has been tried and tested all over the world.
“Bringing the technology to schools, we believe with education, we can easily have the esired change we are seeking,” Yair Teller said.